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A little about me

Welcome to Kinetic Coaching & Nutrition!

I am a Lower Back Pain Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Weight management coach based in a private, female-only gym and online.

All too often I see women struggle with their body image, weight and mindset; and this often leads to trying multiple fads and crazes looking for the quick fix or magic solution that promises extreme results in a short period of time. Now those results may come, but they will also go.

My passion of helping women grow in confidence as we develop a balanced lifestyle of consistency in training & enjoying every day without feeling restricted is the backbone behind my coaching programmes.

Helping you build a healthier lifestyle where you feel able to enjoy treats guilt-free, develop a positive relationship with food & a love for the physical and mental benefits of exercise is what my business is all about.

Over the years I have built up a collection of skills, experiences and resources to help you fit positive habits and routines into your lifestyle - no matter how busy you are. 

Whether in person or online, we will take the journey to your goals together and create lasting habits for positive, long term lifestyle changes.

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