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Our Journey To Your Goals.

I specialise in helping women grow their strength and confidence both physically and mentally.

I coach holistically using a uniquely designed exercise training programme, mindset and habit coaching, and nutritional guidance and coaching to create long-term lifestyle changes without 'fad' diets, restrictive calories, excessive cardio or quick fixes.

Kinetic Coaching & Nutrition

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A Bit About Me

Welcome to Kinetic Coaching & Nutrition.

I'm  based in a private, female-only gym in North Wales and online.

I am passionate about helping women grow in strength and  confidence as we develop a balanced lifestyle of consistency in training & enjoying every day without feeling restricted.

Helping you build a healthier lifestyle where you feel able to enjoy treats guilt-free, develop a healthy relationship with food & a love for the positive benefits of exercise is what my business is all about.

I have expanded my skills and knowledge to become a specialist in managing / treating lower back pain with a bespoke exercise programme which can be delivered online or in person.

Whichever option you choose, we will take the journey to your goals together and create lasting habits for positive, long term lifestyle changes.


What others say

Client feedback

I already feel more confident walking in to the gym. I no longer walk around feeling lost. I feel I've got a plan and direction when I'm working out and I'm loving the feeling!

It's keeping me motivated & I feel great! I massively appreciate all your support and guidance.

(StrongHer & Online)

Carla A

I genuinely cannot recommend Kirsty enough, she is an amazing coach and has supported me over the last few months. I now have a hybrid programme which includes sessions for me to do on my own in the gym and have 1:1 sessions in the gym where she is based, which is an excellent facility with brilliant kit.

I've got my motivation back for training, and when it is lacking Kirsty is there to support me and give me a kick when I need it. 

(Hybrid PT & Online)

Kirsty M

I have learnt in just 3 weeks that form and getting the exercise right slowly, is better than a rep count. I have also learnt that I'm stronger than I believe I am!

I have stuck to your programme and not missed a session, I haven't ever done that with a boot camp.


Kelly B

Contact Me

07715 364357

Suites 1 - 3, First Floor

The Glasshouse

Penrhos Manor

Colwyn Bay

LL29 7YW

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