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A Little About Me - Female Only Coach

picture of a Female Only Coach working with a client in the gym

Let me talk to you about WHO I coach.

I coach ladies who want to:

  1. Get fitter and healthier - not through hours of fasted cardio. Through building small changes into their daily schedule that lead to big changes on the progress graphs.

  2. Get stronger - learning how to lift weights safely and knowing which muscles to use and when is key to daily function, injury prevention and long term healthy movement patterns.

  3. Stop binge eating, over eating or constantly thinking about what they're eating - by learning why we have these thoughts and behaviour patterns, we can change them into new patterns and 'norms' without removing whole food groups from their diet.

  4. Be more confident - this is nearly always a by product of improving your physical and/or mental health. Using tools such as daily positive reflections, coupled with the changes in body shape / size and the mental effects of exercise; all my clients see an increase in their self confidence.

I show my clients how to create long term habits that will last beyond any programme I give them, no matter how busy or stressful their week or month might be.

So even on the days where things don't go to plan, they will know how to control what is going on around them, or how to just let it go and/or roll with it for a day.

They know there is a chance they will have off days, a binge eating episode or a day where they barely even touch their movement targets; and that this is ok because the progress they have made isn't going to be destroyed if they then continue forward with the new habits and routines.

If you resonate with these feelings, please know that you're not alone and that I regularly help women just like you.

If you're ready for support in working on these areas, you can complete an enquiry form and I will be in touch within 24 hours.

Kirsty 💕

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