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5 tips for creating a successful gym routine

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

We've all been there, or I certainly have! I'd miss the gym one day thinking it will be fine, I'll go tomorrow; I'd only train what I enjoyed or what I knew how to do; and I would walk in to the gym without a scooby do of what muscles I was going to train, how long I would be there for, how I would warm up, or where to start..... so I spent far too much time wandering aimlessly, feeling self - conscious & essentially - wasting time.

So I've put together my 5 top tips for creating a successful gym routine:

  1. Make a plan: Don't over complicate this when you're starting out. Decide how many sessions you will do, and schedule them into your phone calendar - sticking to a routine of the same times & days each week will help to create the habit of going. Use your notes app or calendar notes to plan out what you will train & how i.e. - legs, 3 sets of 10-12 reps on each exercise, & list your exercises.

  2. Progressive overload & consistency - Stick to the same plan for 6-8 weeks, increasing your weights or reps / decreasing rest periods for added intensity dependant on your goals.

  3. Balance - choose how you will split up your sessions and ensure this creates balance across the week. E.g. if you train upper, balance it with lower. If you train push, balance it with pull, and any muscles from the front of your body that you train, ensure you balance out with the muscles on the back of your body.

  4. Enjoyable & realistic - If you hate burpees & running - you're unlikely to do burpees and running. Make sure you look forward to your sessions so you will stick to them rather than seeing training as a chore.

  5. Prioritise rest & hydration - Your body works it's magic when you sleep and rest; releasing amino acids to repair and grow muscle tissue, replenishing our energy stores and giving our muscles time to recover before the next stress (training session) is applied. Keeping our body hydrated means it is functioning at it's highest level and can repair our cells more efficiently.

a smiling girl with brunette hair in aqua hoodie with the kinetic coaching logo on the back. She's looking over her shoulder and her reflection is on the left hand side of the image

Put these tips in to practice when looking at your gym training and see the difference within a few weeks!

If you need further help, check out my Instagram for more tips, or click the link below to arrange a call with me and let me create you a tailored, holistic training plan including nutrition and mindset advice and guidance,

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