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Balance your journey

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

a set of grey scales on an aqua background. the word balance is above the scales. The scales are balanced with goals on one side and life on the other

Ok, so you've completed all your training sessions this week, hit your step targets, stayed on track with food.....

Now you've got a weekend of fun ahead of you, so how do we keep balance? Here's my top tips:

1. That key word - 'Balance'. No plan should leave you feeling restricted or guilty, so if you're tracking calories you can use 'calorie banking'. Say for example your daily calorie target is 1800, if you make that 1700 Monday to Friday, this gives you an extra 500 calories to enjoy over the weekend!

2. Swap your mixers! If you're hitting the hard stuff opt for soda or slimline tonic rather than full fat coke or fruit juice to go with your chosen tipple.

3. Factor in some fun exercise! Going for lunch? Pick somewhere with a nice walk / nature trail / sand dunes / parks etc nearby to soak up the vitamin D & fresh air beforehand. Got the kids with you? Make a scavenger hunt / eye spy / assault course and join in the fun!

4. Practise some recipes for the week to keep you on track - get the family involved! Find a way to adapt your favourite recipe to suit your weekly goals - for example small swaps like switching from 20% fat beef mince to 5% can save you around 120 calories per 100g!

5. Barbeques and buffets can feel daunting but small swaps such as lean chicken breast rather than skin on drumsticks, or a juicy steak over a hotdog can leave you happy and satisfied without feeling restricted or guilty.

I hope these tips help! No plan should leave you feeling like you can't join in the fun or enjoy a takeaway or meal out; but being mindful and smart with your choices can help keep you on track to your goals and a long term healthier, happier lifestyle.

If you need help to find your balance, please reach out to me on WhatsApp, Email or via my social media pages:

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