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Benefits Of Resistance Training for Managing & Treating Back Pain

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Doctors are finally recommending resistance training for managing and treating back pain, rather than sending you home with a prescription full of painkillers and an order to rest.

Now, before you hit the gym for some box jumps, please read the rest of the post! 🙏

Most cases of back pain are not caused by the instance you remember the pain starting; that is often the straw that broke the camel's 🐪 (your) back!

Often we have weak or lengthened muscles, imbalances, instability of the muscles that protect our spine, no core strength or lack of understanding around how to engage our core.

So, regular strength training works as both prevention and cure; and following a tailored programme of specific stretch and strength movements for your back problems is the best way forward for reducing or stopping back pain in it's tracks. Plans can include a variety of movements from bent over rows, planks, crunches and scapula retractions to cat-cow stretches and walking with timescales and posture cues.

If you're regularly walking round with your hands on your lower back, wincing when you bend, struggling to get out of bed - we need to talk and take action now!

This does not have to be your normal and it is not a life sentence!

Send me a message and we'll have a chat; no hard sales; no obligation, just talking about your current issues and how they affect you, and how we could work together to solve them.

Some of my programmes start by only needing 10-15 minutes out of your day to see real results with your back pain. And you don't need a gym or fancy equipment to start seeing big improvements!

My coaching app means you can live anywhere in the world and we can still work together to get you pain free and stronger than ever!

Not suffering from back pain? Great, let's keep it that way - we'll set some goals & I'll create you a personal training programme to reach them.

Comment below, send me a message or complete an enquiry form and I'll be in touch within 24 hours!

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