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Hi, and welcome to my website

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Welcome to Kinetic Coaching & Nutrition.

I'm Kirsty; a Back pain exercise specialist, and a Fitness, Nutrition and mindset coach based in a private, female only gym and online. I love helping women grow in confidence as we develop a balanced lifestyle of consistency in training & enjoying every day without feeling restricted. Helping you build a healthier lifestyle where you feel able to enjoy treats guilt free, develop a healthy relationship with food & a love for the positive benefits of exercise is what my business is all about. Whether in person or online, we will take the journey to your goals together and create lasting habits for positive, long term lifestyle changes.

My qualifications (as at July 2023)

smiling female personal trainer wearing a pink hooded jumper with the word fearless across it. behind her is a pink flower and balloon wall
  • Level 4 Lower Back Pain Exercise Specialist

  • Level 3 PT Programming & Coaching

  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

  • Level 3 Nutrition & Weight Management

  • Core Training Instructor

  • Circuit Training Instructor

  • Functional Training Instructor

  • Kettlebell Instructor

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

  • Level 2 Anatomy & Physiology

  • Level 2 Exercise, Welfare & Health

  • Level 2 Counselling

Services I offer

Personal training I’m based in a private, female only gym with 3 other self-employed coaches providing a safe, welcoming environment to train in.

When you join my personal training team I will create a uniquely tailored plan specific to your goals, preferences and ability levels. Resistance training is the primary focus within my sessions, with additional sessions planned out for you to complete between sessions if required. I strive to educate my clients on the phenomenal benefits of weight lifting and why/how each movement is beneficial for you, from reducing your risk of osteoporosis to improving your mental health, increasing spinal stability to prevent/treat injury; and creating positive relationships with food to fuel your workouts and create balance rather than restriction. We are not looking to shift twice our body weight with each movement; we start low & work on improving mobility, technique & flexibility where needed, and gradually build up the intensity to suit your goals and needs, tracking your progress via my coaching app.

Online coaching I will be your personal trainer in your pocket! If you enjoy going to the gym but need a plan to follow; or you can't get to the gym but want to work out at home; this is for you! The same plan applies as with my in person client but you have the flexibility to complete your sessions at a time to suit you, and you'll have more sessions available as you don't need to fit in to my timetable. We'll discuss your goals and your training likes & dislikes, and put together a training and coaching plan to suit your lifestyle. The app calendar provides prompts & tasks for the day, connects to your Fitbit / Apple watch & My fitness pal, you upload progress pictures & measurements and we have weekly check ins. I can also set your calories and macronutrient targets (carbohydrates, protein & fats) to help you achieve your goals, with regular support & communication from me.

Double Trouble

Bring your little ones to the gym (ages 5 to 10*) to train with you! From pull ups to squats, deadlifts to bicep curls, they'll learn good technique, which muscles they use in each movement and where those muscles are located in the body. They’ll also see you getting stronger with them & most importantly they'll have fun whist learning to feel comfortable and confident in a gym environment. There are only class participants in the gym during class times so it's very safe & welcoming, and groups are kept small to ensure all exercises are performed safely.

Classes are 45 minutes to 1 hour long.

*Age range is a guide - please discuss with me as all children are different.

StrongHer - My female only weight lifting classes

Suitable for all ability levels, with modifications available for all movements as we work on form & technique whilst getting stronger and enjoying the social aspect of class training. We will work on gym confidence and create friendly competition to help push you to test your strength and ability safely.

We will do movements such as deadlifts, squats, hip thrusts, bench press, bicep curls and many more.

Tuesday 7pm - 7:45pm and Friday 5:15pm - 6pm

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