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StrongHer - What is it and how could it help you?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

image header saying hi there i'm kirsty so glad to have you join us! on the right hand side of the image there is a happy girl on a sunny beach

Let's talk about StrongHer - my 6 week weight lifting programme aimed at making you more confident and stronger both physically and mentally, in and outside of the gym.

I'll introduce you to a safe welcoming environment where you can learn how to lift safely, improve your bone density and strength, become comfortable in a gym environment and meet like minded women to enjoy the process together and see real results!

The programme is split into upper body and lower body sessions and everything can be tailored to suit your ability and most mobility issues.

You also get access to my Kinetic Coaching app where you can:

  • Log your workouts to ensure you're applying progressive overload and improving your weights or reps every week

  • Take progress pictures and measurements on Day 1 & the end of Week 6

  • Access to my coaching knowledge with additional 1:1 or group sessions optional

  • We can track your calories if you want to, or I can give you some ideas of how to improve your current nutrition and habits

  • We can set daily step targets and/or daily activity targets and habits to build long lasting routines

  • I will advise you on how you can improve your general overall physical activity outside of the gym

So, if this sounds right up your street, drop me a message here or book a call with me via my diary

Let's have a chat about how I can help you, then we can get you signed up ready to get you fitter, stronger and healthier in no time!

Kirsty xx

group of ladies lying on a gym floor lifting weights

group of smiling ladies in gym wear

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