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Summer is Here!

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I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine (if you've still got some, I know the weather has been so up and down here!) because summer is exactly what I want to talk to you about today!

If you are filled with dread at the thought of putting a bikini or a floaty summer dress on because you feel insecure or unhappy about your body - stop and read this.

Imagine when this summer passes and you look back at all the videos and pictures of the holidays, and there isn’t a single one of you. None of you playing on the beach because you were too worried about looking silly. None of you building sandcastles because you worried about looking a bit chunky when you bent over. None of you in the sea because you didn't like how you looked in your swimsuit.

Ask yourself now - how will you feel in 6 weeks time, knowing you are not in any of the photos that you & your family will look back on.

Then ask yourself - if the kids were to ask why you're not in the photos, what would you tell them?

Please take a step back and know that there is not a single inch of cellulite or thigh wobble that should stop you enjoying your summer and having fun. If you look around the beach at the people who's opinion you are worried about - how many of them do you know? How many of them actually have an impact on your life the moment you leave that beach?

I'd guess very few to none.

Work on getting those negative thoughts out of your head and enjoy this Summer. Make the memories and have fun, because nobody is watching you like you are watching yourself.

Everyone else is just watching themselves, thinking about what they’re doing.

So let’s all just not watch ourselves now; have fun; and then watch ourselves back on videos actually enjoying ourselves and having fun.

Here's my example:

My favourite scene in my favourite Disney film is Bambi, so if I'm ever in any kind of field, (and there are various videos to back this up) I just have to run through it like I'm Bambi and I just shout ‘The meadow!’ like a crazy loon. My nieces love it (the reality is that I do it even if they’re not there tbf).

Now I would NOT have done this 5 years ago. I definitely would have been overthinking what people thought of me, and whether I look silly or stupid, worried people would laugh at me....

So what changed? I realised I didn't care.

I realised that I could spend all day trying to be other people's idea of 'normal' or 'fun' or 'boring' or whatever else; but realistically they still might not like me.

I realised I can't change what people think of me, so I may as well just enjoy being me and the people who stick around with me are worth keeping in my life, and the others never mattered anyway!

So the point is:

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously!

  • Don’t stress about what you look like

  • Some people might look at you because they like your bikini, not because they think you look bad in it

  • Sometimes the problem with someone's opinion of you, is they actually wish they could be more carefree and happy like you, but they don't know how to express that

So go out and wear the dress, wear those shorts, swim in the sea, run around and have fun with your family and/or friends! Just enjoy every single minute and make sure you’ve got the memories to look back on!

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