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If you got a puncture in one tyre would you stab the rest?

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How many times have you eaten something 'bad' and said to yourself “Oh well, might as well have whatever I want now, I'll start again Monday"

You'll feel guilty and go off the rails or off your plan; you'll eat mindlessly or with negative emotion because you're now punishing yourself.

Now let me present this situation to you in a different way - ask yourself this question:

If you got a puncture in one tyre, would you stab the rest of them?

picture of a flat tyre

No of course not! So if you have a meal or snack or something that you feel puts you off track, or isn't part of the plan, or makes you feel guilty; rather than sabotage yourself and make your diet choices so much harder, why not delve into the situation and spend some time in it.

Think about why you felt the need to eat that thing, or to do that thing:

How are you feeling?

What else is going on in your day?

By taking a bit of time to think through these questions, we can then work on attaching the emotion to the situation rather than to the food.

If you were feeling frustrated, ask yourself why? Ask yourself what else you could have done in that situation other than reach for food. Fro example, could you have just gone for a quick walk, taken yourself in to a different room to have a minute with your thoughts, changed to a different task to distract from those feelings until you have the time or space to deal with them?

Could taking a minute to run through those questions have saved you from eating out of emotion, or from further sabotaging the rest of your week nutritionally and putting you in a bad mood / mindset towards yourself and your food?

Why not try it next time you find yourself feeling this way and let me know how it goes.

And if you'd like to have a chat about getting you into a place where you can enjoy all the foods without guilt or negative emotions, and without starting again every Monday; hit the buttons below to send me a message or complete an enquiry form.

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