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What is online coaching?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

personal coaching with Kirsty North Wales - female only coach

Firstly let me introduce myself and my coaching style.

I'm a Level 4 Personal trainer, Lower back pain exercise specialist, Nutrition and mindset coach. My passion for weightlifting, good food, and helping women grow in confidence and strength both physically and mentally is what drives me to help you reach your goals safely and confidently; whilst enjoying each step of the journey!

Alongside the gym, I have a real focus on mindset, wellbeing and balance; and this is how I coach my clients.

I started online coaching so I could help more women outside of my local area too. I wanted to reach out & create communities of like minded women from all areas whose lives I could help improve. I have also set up a private Facebook group providing tools, tips and ideas between like minded women who encourage and support each other - you can join use here:

My coaching is based on my training app primarily, where; after an informal consultation with you; I will build you a gym or home training plan based on your goals, abilities and preferences. You'll be invited to join my Facebook community group and have access to my clients only area of the website where I share recipes and advice, and all clients become each others cheerleaders, and friendships are formed too, which is just the cherry on top for me!

During our consultation I will also be trying to understand more about you, your daily routines and habits, and why you have decided to make this positive change in your life. Understanding more about you helps me to tailor the holistic side of my coaching, which focuses more on mindset, creating new long term habits, building confidence, and helping you push through limits you didn't know you had set yourself.

I offer many different forms of advice from links to articles, discussing meditation & grounding, stretching & flexibility routines, mindset tools to help turn negative situations into positives, and many more.

My passion to see women healthier, happier and stronger just keeps on growing with every day, and I'm so thankful to have turned it into a career where I can help so many of you!

Here's a few tips if you are struggling with confidence, low self esteem or generally feeling negative towards things:

  • Is the situation that's bothering you something you can control? If it is, break it down until you can see ways to start changing it. If it isn't, then look at how you can move away from it so it takes less of your energy.

  • Remember that people aren't judging you like you are judging yourself, because they're likely to busy judging their selves too!

  • Start the day with a list, and include tasks that you know you can complete. For example, as a busy Mum / partner / student you will be completing tasks left, right and centre without thinking about them. For example, making the bed / doing packed lunches / making and clearing up tea. They might sound like necessities rather than tasks, but they take up a good chunk of your day and being able to tick them off is a feeling of accomplishment.

  • Try and pick 1 positive thing about yourself, your lifestyle, your career each day and take a minute or two to focus on that positive.

  • Exercise! In whatever way, shape or form suits you best, get those endorphins flying around your body! You could start with something as simple as blasting your favourite tunes and dancing around the kitchen whilst you're making tea or cleaning up - 2 birds & all that!

I hope those tips are useful, be sure to follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram for more of my mad positivity and wellbeing tips! If you'd like to know more about my online coaching, you can find information on my website or submit an enquiry form here

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great day!

Kirsty xx

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